“Art is movement, rhythm, and connection.”

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Antonella Quacchia 


Is an Italian artist, born in 1957, living and working in Vienna, Austria.

Her academic background is in Computer Science and she started her official artist career only in 2021 when she could dedicate herself to her passion about art. She has shown her innovative artistic development through a number of group and solo exhibitions, across several countries in Europe, while also being part of on-line exhibitions in the United States. Her artwork is sold to private art collectors in Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany and France.


In the words of an Italian art critic, Dott. Antonio Castellana:  “Antonella Quacchia's art projects us into a multicoloured, polychrome universe, with the representation of abstract works that sometimes peer into the invisible. Through her inner manifesto, she creates her paintings with symbols and meanings that she communicates through a poetics able to amaze the viewer.”

Antonella has pursued her natural passion for painting since childhood. While still occupied with a demanding career in the Digital Communications sector, in the years 2017-2018, she was the pupil of renowned painter Gilbert Wolfisberg in the L’ArtiQuarium School of Art in Geneva, Switzerland (https://l-artquarium.ch), where she developed her drawing skills and acquired notions of composition and theory of colour. In 2018 and 2019 Antonella was a pupil of French painter Alain Gegout in the Atelier de la Roccaille, Bretigny, France (https://www.singulart.com/en/artist/alain-gegout-600).  In these years, beside acquiring various innovative techniques based on acrylics and aquarelle painting, Antonella absorbed the “Disfigurative” style of the Master. She also learned a particular collage technique known as “marouflage”, which was employed by Mark Rothko in his later artworks.


In Vienna, Antonella is studying art with Prof. Andy Nabong (https://www.andynabong.com/) at the Vienna Atelier of Traditional Art (VATA), developing her skills through cast drawing, live portrait, study of human figure and traditional landscape painting using oil techniques. In the context of VATA, Antonella studied Human figure and Portrait with traditional artists such as Leo Plaw  (http://www.visionaryart.net.au/leo_plaw.htm) and Jura Bedic  (https://annlongfineart.com/artists/jura-bedic/).  Antonella is also a regular attendant of art workshops at the Vienna Kunstfabrik Akademie, where she develops her skills in abstract painting with Austrian renowned artists Angelika Domenig (https://www.angelikadomenig.com/ueber-mich/), Roberto Zielasco (http://www.zielasco.at/), Ingrid Radiger (https://www.atelier-radinger.com/) and Eftichia Schlamadinger (http://www.eftichia-schlamadinger.com/).  

Antonella likes also to pursue her own personal experimentation with various techniques trying out the combination of acrylics with powders of metals and marbles, oil colours, acquarelles, inks, pastels, charcoal, and other materials uncommon in painting.

​During her artistic journey, Antonella painted many figurative subjects such as portraits, landscapes flowers and still life. She then realised that what she can best express herself through is abstract art, as it leaves a lot of room for curiosity and sharing of emotions.  Driven by a great curiosity and a strong personal interest, she travelled extensively in various parts of the world, always fascinated by the beauty of our planet and the diversity of the people who inhabit it. Memories of those travels constitute a great source of inspiration, along with the observation of everything surrounding her: people, colours, movement, nature, food… 


Antonella is currently working on three series: 'Floating forms', “Amo la vita” (love life) and “Our planet”, as well as creating Thematic artworks in response to Exhibition’s themes. 

Artworks in the “Floating forms” series are mostly inspired by memories of people and places encountered in the artists’ journeys. The works evoke familiar objects and subjects, yet in an abstract, almost dreamlike representation. These large paintings attract from afar for the contrasting masses. By getting closer, one can discover a multitude of shapes and details that stimulate curiosity and foster emotions.  Antonella uses a palette of earthy tones of neutrals, shades of blue and rusty affects achieved by using metal powders.

With the series “Amo la vita (Love life)”, Antonella conveys a deep love and appreciation for all expressions of life - be they people, landscapes, animals, and objects-, with artworks that are joyful, colorful, and dynamic.  She portrays life’s energy in its disarming contradictions, moments of shadow and moments of light, flashes of exuberant joy and deepest despair. Life expresses itself through a rhythm of shapes and colours, like in a dance. Antonella captures life’s movement through an almost geometric representation made up essentially of lines, spaces and coloured shapes. Following in the footsteps of the first abstract painters of the early 20th century, her art reduces reality to a series of shapes and colours, therefore inviting the viewers to connect to their imagination, grasp the movement, and make room for their own personal interpretation.


In the most recent series, “Our planet”, Antonella experiments with abstract landscapes inspired by memories of her lived experiences. These large artworks present a restricted palette of colours while maintaining a high dynamism in the composition and choice of tones. Using paper, bitumen and various metal and stone powders, she can achieve rather surprising three-dimensional effects.


Usually at the beginning of Antonella’s creative process there is not much intentionality, but rather a free flow of emotions. She likes to call this stage 'chaos', but it could also be called 'chance'. She then engages in a dialogue with the support, with the shapes, with the colours and a more conscious intention to give sense to the masses can emerge.  In the artist’s own words: ”I feel like a sculptor who draws the shape of a statue from a marble block”.


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Represented in Canada by Mona Youssef Gallery  - MYG GALLERY 

Canada, Ontario, Kingston  K7M-0G9


Represented in Vienna by PUBLIC ARTISTS CITY Gallery

Mahlerstrasse 11, 1010 WIEN


Represented in Vienna by ARTHENTICO Gallery

Arthentico GmbH, Kaasgrabengasse 22/5, 1190 WIEN


Represented in Austria by CHEETAH CRAFT Gallery

Breitegasse 1, 2124 Niederkreuzstetten




  • 09 - 15 August 2022, "Look towards the essential", MUSA PAVILLON, Palazzo Pisani-Revedin, Campo Manin, Venezia, IT ​​

       Opening and Presentation by Art Critic Marta Lock on 9th August 2022 

              watch highlights at https://youtu.be/Jc2FzCbx1N8


  • "INNSBRUCK ART FAIR", 27 - 30.10.2022, Presented by GALATERY Gallery, Innsbruck, AT

  • "ART AND CRAFTS FESTIVAL ", 17 - 19.06.2022, Stift Dürstein, Dürnstein, AT

  • "LUXEMBOURG ART FAIR", 19 - 22.05.2022, Luxembourg, LU  presented by MONAT Gallery, Madrid. ES


  • "ELYSIAN", 1 - 10 December 2022, GUTO CULTURE HOUSE, Madrid, ES

  • "WE CONTEMPORARY", 4 - 6.11.2022, MUSA INTERNATIONAL, Rome, Italy.

  • "PERPETUAL LIGHT", 22 - 29.10.2022th, 2022, in Elsa Victorios Gallery, MIAMI, USA. Presented by GUTO CULTURE HOUSE, Madrid. ES

  • "PLETHORA", 20.09.2022 - 19.10.2022, The Holy Art Gallery, London

  • "CORTONA IN ARTE", 18.09.2022 - 02.10.2022, Centro Convegni St. Agostino, Cortona, IT

  • "ABSTRACT", 12.09.2022 - 25.09.2022, CITY GALLERY, Wien, AT

  • "MAGIC DREAMS", 29.08.2022 - 11.09.2022, CITY GALLERY, Wien, AT

  • "Colors and lights in Norway", 20.08.2022 - 04.09.2022, 3359 EGGEDAL / NORWAY

  • "STARKE FRAUEN", 04.08.2022 - 03.09.2022,  SUD Gallery,  Wien, AT

  • "HIDDEN TREASURES", 04.07.2022 - 03.08.2022,  MONAT Gallery,  Madrid, ES

  • "Wall exhibition", 01.07.2022 - 31.07.2022,  WienARTig Gallery,  Wien, AT

  • "Wall exhibition", 01.06.2022 - 30.06.2022,  WienARTig Gallery,  Wien, AT

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