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our planet

abstract landscape, top colour is indigo and the bottom part has earthy tones.

Antonella Quacchia, 

Indigo, Mixed media on canvas, 80x80cm, 2022

AQuacchia_Red_Mixed media on canvas_80x80cm_2022.jpg

Antonella Quacchia,
Red, Mixed media on canvas, 80x80cm, 2022

AQuacchia_Emerald_Mixed media on cancas_80x100cm_2022.jpg

Antonella Quacchia,
Emerald, Mixed media on canvas, 80x100cm, 2022

The works in this series depict abstract landscapes through a restricted color palette, while maintaining a certain dynamism in the composition and choice of tones, ranging from decidedly bright colors to pastels.
They are my homage to the beauty of our planet, which I have been fortunate enough to be able to admire in my many travels to various parts of the world. The paintings are inspired by real experiences that have left a mark on my subconscious mind, or by imaginary scenes drawn from imagination.
To further emphasize the connection with the Earth, I have made extensive use of various natural materials such as stone and metal dust, paper, cardboard, bitumen and plaster. These paintings invite visitors to use their curiosity and let the work resonate with personal lived experiences.

floating forms.

floating forms

AQuacchia_The way home_Mixed media_100x80cm_2021.jpg
AQuacchia_Dream in yellow_Mixed media_80x80cm_2021.jpg
AQuacchia_Marine cave_Mixed media_70x80cm_2021.jpg

Antonella Quacchia,
The way home,
Mixed media on canvas, 100x80cm, 2021

Antonella Quacchia,
Dream in yellow,
Mixed media on canvas, 80x80cm, 2021

Antonella Quacchia,
Marine cave,
Mixed media on canvas, 70x80cm, 2021

The artworks in the Floating Forms series are mostly inspired by memories of people and places encountered in my many travels and moves around the world.  They evoke familiar objects and subjects, but in an abstract, almost dreamlike representation.

These large paintings draw one in from a distance because of the contrasting masses. Moving closer, one is invited to discover a multitude of shapes and details that stimulate curiosity and foster emotions.

Most feature an earthy palette of neutrals, shades of blue and rust obtained from metal and stone powders. Others are inspired by colors and
seasonal shades.


amo la vita

amo la vita.
AQuacchia_Amo la vita 3_Mixed media on canvas_80x80 cm_2022.jpg

Antonella Quacchia,
Amo la vita #3,
Acrylic on canvas, 80x80cm, 2022

AQuacchia_Composition n7_Acrylic on canvas_70x70cm_2022.jpg

Antonella Quacchia,
Composition #7,
Acrylic on canvas, 70x70cm, 2022

AQuacchia_Norway1_Acrylkic on canvas_50x50cm_2022.jpg

Antonella Quacchia,
Norway #1,
Acrylic on canvas, 50x50cm, 2022

The series  Amo la vita celebrates my deep admiration and love for all forms in which life expresses itself: being those persons, animals, objects, or nature. I love life in its disarming contradictions, moments of shadow and moments of light, flashes of exuberant joy and deepest despair. Life expresses itself through a movement of shapes and colours, like in a dance. Just think of the view from above of a crowd swaying in the streets of a big city, or the movements of hordes of animals in the savannah. 

As in everyday reality, life is full of sharp contrasts. Light and dark.  So, my painting are filled with patches of light and patches of darkness; elements that create patterns and elements that disrupt the rhythm; moments that are clear and well defined and moments that are fuzzy and confused. I am fascinated by the coexistence of deep contrasts.

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