Welcome to my world of art!

I am an Italian artist living in Vienna, Austria. Painting is a passion that I can finally develop after having dedicated a life to work and family responsibilities.

I take inspiration from nature, from movement, from sound and colour, from food… from anything that happens around me.  

My paintings are a connector between inner emotions and the outside world. In the painting process I constantly explore forms, colours and patterns, in a permanent dialogue with the canvas. 



In my work I explore both geometric and non-geometric abstraction with a particular attention to the relation between forms, planes and colours. 
I like to use not only acrylic colours but also a variety of materials such as stone and marble dust, filings of metals, oxidants, soft pastels, fusain, markers, and much more. Whatever helps to convey my inner emotions and foster curiosity.
I paint mostly on large canvases, as I am looking to create a physical connection between the work of art and the viewer. A believe a large painting induces a more familiar and intimate relation.