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"Painting is a transformational act, 
it allows reality and imagination to merge, 
creates a space in which emotions and symbols can freely flow"

Antonella Quacchia, born in Gorizia, Italy in 1957, spent her formative years in São Paulo, Brazil, where she immersed herself in the vibrant colors, music, and nature of the country. She later returned to Italy, living in Ivrea and Turin, where she graduated  in Computer Science.

Throughout her life, Quacchia maintained a deep passion for art, leading her to explore various techniques and artistic languages. She attended art schools in Italy, Switzerland, France, and Austria to further enhance her skills. The majority of her life was spent in Geneva, where she worked for CERN, the European Center for Nuclear Research. She also married historian of science Gerhard Jean-Marie Krige and had two children. Following a year in Florence, she returned to Geneva and worked for the International Labor Organization (ILO), a United Nations agency responsible for labor-related legislation, promoting social justice and human rights through technical cooperation projects.

Quacchia's artwork has been exhibited in public and private spaces across several European cities, including Geneva, Madrid, Vienna, Paris, Prague and London. In Italy, her exhibitions have been held in Rome, Milan, Venice, and Genoa. Her artistic endeavors have been accompanied by numerous publications.

Since 2020, Antonella Quacchia has been living and working in Vienna, Austria.

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