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"Painting is an act of transformation, 
it allows reality and imagination to merge, 
creating a space in which emotions and symbols flow freely."




Antonella Giulia Patini was born in Gorizia on December 28, 1957. Due to the illnesses of both her parents, she was entrusted to her maternal aunt, who lived with her husband in Brazil. In 1962, she moved to São Paulo where she attended her early schools and learned Portuguese.

Upon returning to Italy, in 1970, she was formally adopted by her uncle and aunt and took on the surname Quacchia. She attended middle school and the Scientific High School in Ivrea, where she acquired the basics of technical drawing and honed her natural inclination for art and painting.

In 1981, she was admitted to the "Summer Student" program at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, in Geneva. She stayed at CERN for six months, where she developed an innovative system to monitor and visualize in real time the traces of electric charges that particles leave inside the detector in the Intersecting Storage Rings particle accelerator (ISR). She graduated in Turin with a thesis on the project developed at CERN.


After a brief period of work at the Olivetti headquarters in Ivrea, in 1982, she won a job competition at CERN and moved to Geneva.

In 1985, she married the science historian Gerhard Jean-Marie Krige, whom she had met at CERN, and they had two children.


Antonella Quacchia initially worked at the CERN Computing Center, providing support to the approximately ten thousand physicists who daily used state-of-the-art computers to analyze data from the world's most sophisticated particle accelerators. In 1991, she left CERN and moved to Florence, where she worked as a consultant for the Museum of the History of Science. Here, she created a feasibility study for a CD-ROM dissemination project of Galileo Galilei's manuscripts and the writings of Albert Einstein, a project in which the National Library of Florence and the "Collected Papers of Albert Einstein Project" in Boston also participated.


In 1992, she began working at the International Labour Organization (ILO) in Geneva, providing IT support service to the organization's staff. In 2001, she won a competition as the manager of the unit responsible for the digital presentation of the organization.

During this time, she undertook numerous professional and private trips to Asia, Africa, and America, which gave her the opportunity to admire the beauties of our planet and to learn about different societies, cultures, and ways of life.


IAt the end of 2004, she was diagnosed with a rare disease that began to regress only in 2010 after a long course of heavy pharmacological treatments.


Since 2012, she has been attending Miriam Decroze's painting studio, where she has been experimenting with various techniques such as oil, pastels, and acrylics.

In 2016, she attended watercolor courses by the Geneva-based painter Eric Alibert.

In the biennium of 2017 and 2018, she attended the ARTQuarium art school in Geneva, directed by the artist Gilbert Wolfisberg, with whom she perfected drawing, composition, and color theory.

In the years 2018 and 2019, she deepened her use of various innovative techniques based on acrylics and watercolor painting with the French artist Alain Gegout.


At the end of 2019, she resigned from the ILO and moved to Vienna, where she found refuge and comfort in colors, canvases, and brushes, devoting herself exclusively to painting. Despite the pandemic, she exhibited her works in various collective exhibitions in Italy and Europe.


In 2021, Quacchia held her first solo exhibition at the small PantoART Gallery in Vienna.


In 2023, she held a solo exhibition at the Vatican Chancellery Palace in Rome.

She began collaborating with the curator Fortunato D'Amico, which led her to explore new artistic expressions. Through the artist Mino Longo in Milan, she learned techniques for working with resin, a material with which she created new wall works and sculptures.

Antonella Quacchia lives and works in Vienna, Austria.

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