I am an Italian artist living and working in Vienna, Austria. 

As a child I had a stutter, and that is perhaps why I was better able to express myself through drawings than through words. Painting is a passion that I have cultivated all my life.

I was born in Gorizia, on the northeast of Italy, on a cold winter afternoon in late December 1957.  I had a little sister, only 11 months old, born in January of the same year. My mother was then already a heart patient, and when my other sister was later born in March 1959, her heart could no longer stand. My father was suffering from severe mental illness and was unable to care for the three daughters. Hence, I lived for some time with my paternal grandmother in Udine. Then one day, my mother's sister, who had emigrated to Brazil with her husband, came to fetch me.  They took me away with them, away from all my hitherto known world. So, it was how, aged three and a half, I found myself living in São Paulo with my aunt and uncle. A few years later, their much-desired son was born and when he learned to speak, he also taught me to call the adults in the house mom and dad.  We remained in Brazil until I was almost thirteen years old.

I believe that having spent those years in Brazil and having absorbed the colors, music, exuberant nature, and vitality of that country still influence the way I paint. 

When we returned to Italy, I was formally adopted by my new family and took my current last name. In Italy I attended a scientific high school, where I learned the basics of technical drawing, and then the college in Computer Science. After graduation, I was hired at CERN (Center for Nuclear Research) and left my country again to move to the region around Geneva. There I spent almost forty years of my life, getting married, having two children, getting divorced, and working to support the family.

It was only in 2017 when I began to dust off my slumbering passion for painting and started taking formal courses, albeit in the scraps of time of a busy life spent between work and family. I was a student at various art schools in Geneva and then in France, which allowed me to gradually develop my artistic skills.

Since 2020 I live in Vienna and can dedicate myself to my long-lasting passion about painting. I am a regular student of art classes in the Vienna Atelier of Traditional Art (VATA) and of Vienna’s Kunstfabrik Akademie. In 2021 I have started to exhibit my artwork in a series of group and solo exhibitions across Europe, as well as being featured in several art publications.  

Look here for a full list of training, exhibitions and publications.

Welcome to my world of art!

AQuacchia_La Baigneuse_Mixed media on canvas_100x80cm_2022-smaller.jpg


Through my work I explore both geometric and non-geometric abstraction with a particular attention to the relation between forms, planes and colours. 

I like to use not only acrylic colours but also a variety of materials such as stone and marble dust, filings of metals, oxidants, soft pastels, fusain, markers, and much more. Whatever helps to convey my inner emotions and foster curiosity.

I paint mostly on large canvases, as I am looking to create a physical connection between the work of art and the viewer. A believe a large painting induces a more familiar and intimate relation. 

Memories and anything that happens around me can be a source of inspiration:  nature, from movement, from sound and colour, from food…  
My paintings are a connector between inner emotions and the outside world. In the painting process I constantly explore forms, colours and patterns, in a permanent dialogue with the canvas.